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HELLO, I’m Paul Francis. I set up ZBERRY.IE and HOOPLAH.IE in 2009 in response to a general fed-up-ness about the cost of simple websites.

People who ran shops, start-ups, crèches, driving schools, small firms and the like all told me the same thing:

“The website people want to charge me thousands — and that’s just for starters!”

And there were traps: web-address “rentals” (you never own your own web turf!), hidden charges for hosting, and so on and so on. These hidden extras meant that even “bargain” websites would end up costing many times their original quote.

I simplified matters: a space-holder for €99, all in. Then, a more elaborate,  4-tab job (like sambrooksschoolofmotoring.ie) for just €199. Get ambitious, and we can produce a full site (like dsom.ie) for just €575.

These fees cover (a) design (b) writing (c) booking the website address (d) hosting for a year. Start with the one-pager, if you like, and upgrade to a 4-pager. Pay on completion. (I ask for a small deposit to cover registering the web address.)

Call 01 453 2604 or 087 913 3614. You’ll be online in less
than a week.