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Croly, Cecil

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HELLO, Cecil Croly here. I’m an ADI (see below). I have been winning first-time passes for drivers here in Tallaght, Clondalkin and southwest Dublin for over seven years now.

Happy  My speciality is
making sure that you ease
into your first few lessons.
Why? Because if you are
happy behind the wheel,
you will find, even as a
novice driver, that you
pick up techniques and
skills so much faster.

EDT   This is also true of
experienced drivers who
need to brush up, or to
master the full range of
challenges tackled in the
EDT (essential driving
training) course.

Different pace  Those twelve EDT lessons are now mandatory before applying for a driving test. However we all learn at a different pace: I am happy to take longer if you feel that you need to review or repeat certain skills and procedures. Driving is for life, not just for the test!

— Cecil Croly
     Brookfield Driving School

...for the test. Contrary to urban myth, the pass rate there is roughly the same as for nearby centres such as Dun Laoghaire, Castleknock and Finglas. In fact, it provides the ideal environment for learning those lifelong driving skills you’ll need... long after you pass your test.

Apart from housing estates, there are busy shopping areas too. In addition, the nearby M50 gives you the chance to practice entering and exiting the motorway.


vehicle is a familiar
sight in and around

Tallaght and south-
west Dublin.

Even if you have
never driven before,
you will find yourself
relaxing at the con-
trols after the first or
second lesson.
All the local routes
are familiar to me,
and so most of my
students take their
test here in Tallaght